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VACCO Industries
Vacudyne Inc.
Vacuum Barrier Corp.

Vacuum Instrument Corp./VIC Leak Detection
Vacuum Metalizing Co.
Vacuum Process Engineering
Valcor Scientific
Valmark Industries Inc.
Valtronic Technologies
Value Plastics Inc.
Van der Stähl Scientific Inc.
Vanguard Products Corp.
Vanomation Inc.
Varta Microbattery Inc.

VarTech Systems Inc.
Vascotube GmbH
Vaupell Molding & Tooling Inc.
VEM Tooling
Veridiam Medical
Vernay Laboratories Inc.
Vero USA
Versi-Panel Enclosures
Vertellus PC Biomaterials
Vertex IPS

Vesta Inc.
Via Biomedical
ViaMed Corp.
Vibrac LLC
Vidaro Corp.
Videojet Technologies Inc.
Vincent Medical Manufacturing Company Ltd.
Vinyl Technology Inc.
VIPColor Technologies
Virtual Industries Inc.
Virtual Packaging

Visicon Technologies Inc.
Vision Engineering Inc.
Vision Research, An AMETEK Co.
V isiPak
Visual Workplace LLC
VitalDyne Inc.
VitalMED Inc.
VMECA (VtecUSA Inc.)
Vogel Sales Engineering
Vogel Transtech Publications - Bulk Solids Handling
VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc.

Vulcanium Metals Inc.
Vulcan Spring & Mfg. Co.