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Gardner Denver Inc.
Gasser & Sons Inc.
GCX Corp.
GE Energy
GEI Inc.
Gemstar Manufacturing
Genca Corp.
General Foundry Service
General Inspection LLC
General Magnaplate Corp.
General Silicones

Genesis Manufacturing Inc.
Gerresheimer Wilden Plastics (USA) LP
GE Sensing
G&F-UPCOA Industries Inc.
Gibbs Wire & Steel
GIE Media Inc.
Glebar Company Inc.
Glenbrook Technologies Inc.
Glines & Rhodes
Global Automation Inc.
Global FabTech Shanghai
Global Metal Industries
Global Silicones Inc.

GlobTek Inc.
G&L Precision Die Cutting Inc.
Glue Dots International
GML Inc.
GM Nameplate Inc.
GN Batteries & Electronics Inc.
Golden Pacific Electronics Inc.
Golden West Technology
Gordon Brush Mfg. Company Inc.
Gorilla Pallets

Gorman-Rupp Industries
GPS China
Gradient Lens Corp.
Grand Avenue Software
Granite Microsystems
Greatbatch Inc.
Greater Paducah Economic Development Council
Great Plains Industries Inc.
Greenbelt Industries Inc.
Greene Rubber Co.
Greydon Inc.

Groh Associates
Group West International
GSI Group, Laser Div.
gSource LLC
G-S Plastic Optics
Guill Tool & Engineering Company Inc.
Gupta Permold Corp.
GVS Filter Technology
GW Plastics Inc.