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UFE Inc.
Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP
Uhlmann VisioTec

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Inc.
Ultra Flex Packaging Corp.
Ultra Purge-Moulds Plus International USA Inc.
UMC Inc.
Unicep Packaging Inc.
Uniloy Milacron
Union Precision Industry Inc.
Unisensor AG
Unisource Technology Inc.
United Foam, a UFP Technologies brand
United Packaging Group
United Testing Systems
United Western Enterprises
Unit Industries Inc.
Unitronics Inc.
Univenture Inc.

Universal Container & Packaging LLC
Universal Magnetics Inc.
Universal Plastifab
Universal Punch Corp.
UPCOA 948 UPG Inc.
Upland Fab Inc.
US Digital
U.S. Photonics Inc.
US Tech