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Tactx Medical Inc.
TAH Inc., A Nordson Co.
Taipak Enterprises Ltd.
TAK Enterprises

Takex America Inc.
Tamura Corp. of America
Tanos USA
Tantec EST Inc.
Taylor Made Labels Inc.
TC Dental and Medical Supplies Inc.
T&C Engineering Inc.
TCP Reliable
TDC Medical
TDI International Inc.
TDK-Lambda Americas (previously Lambda Americas)
Team New England
Team Pennsylvania

Teamvantage Inc.
Tebis America Inc.
Techcon Systems
TechDevice Corp.
Tech Mold Inc.
Techne Inc.

Technical Services for Electronics Inc.
Technical Translation Services
Technicon Acoustics
Techni-Glass Inc.
Technipaq Inc.
Techno Inc.
Technologies International Inc.
TechRep Components Inc.
Tecnisco Ltd.
Tegra Medical
Tegrant Corp., Alloyd Brands

TekForm Management Inc.
Teknor Apex Co.
Tek Packaging LLC
Tek Pak Inc.
Tekscan Inc.
TEKTRONIX by Instrument Engineers
Telco Intercontinental Corp.
Teleflex Medical OEM
Telsonic Ultrasonics Inc.
Tema Systems Inc.
Temkin International Inc.
Temple Economic Development Corp.
Tempo Plastic Co.

TenCate Enbi
Tenergy Corp.
Tensor Imaging Inc.
Tessy Plastics Corp.
Test-A-Pack Systems, Carleton Technologies
Teutonia Technology AG
Texas Basket Co.
Texas Technologies Inc.
Texcel LLC
Texture Technologies Corp.
Texwipe® (ITW)
Tharo Systems Inc.

The Advanced Group
The Bergquist Co.
The Boehm Pressed Steel Co.
The Center for Professional Innovation & Education
The Dow Chemical Co.
The Lee Co.
The MedTech Group Inc.
The Millward Insurance Agency
The Packaging Co.
The Pentagon Co.
The Polymer Technology Group Inc. (now DSM PTG Inc., Part of DSM Biomedical)
Thermedics® Polymer Products/Lubrizol
Thermo Scientific
The Select Family of Staffing Companies
The Society of the Plastics Industry Inc. (SPI)
The Tech Group
The Total Package Inc.
Thieme Corp.
Thinking Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Thinky Corp.
thinXXS Microtechnology AG
THK America Inc.
Thomas Engineering Co.
Thomas Products Division

Thoro Packaging
Ticona Engineering Polymers
TiJet Medizintechnik GmbH

Timbercon Inc.
Tinius Olsen Inc.
TIODIZE Company Inc.
Titanium Industries
TLC The Label Company
TOBAR Industries
Today's Energy Solutions Magazine
To-Increase US Inc.
TOLAS Healthcare Packaging
Toman Tool Corp.
Tommy Nielsen
Tomo Technology
Tompkins Pharmaceutical Rubber
Toolroom Express Inc.

T.O. Plastics Inc.
Top Tool Co.
Toroid Corp. of Maryland
Torqmaster International
Toshiba Machine Co. America
Total Titanium Inc.
Totex Manufacturing Inc.
Toxikon Corp.
TOX-Pressotechnik LLC

TPC Pneumatics
Trace Analytics Inc.
TradeBeam Inc.
Trademark Plastics Inc.
Transhield Inc.
Transparent Container Co.
Triple Ring Technologies
TriStar Capital LLC
TriStar Corp.
Tri-Star Industries Inc.

Tri-Star Plastics Corp.
Tri-Star Technologies
Tri-Tronics Company Inc.
Tronics Microsystems/MedTech Development
Trotec Laser Inc. 253 Airport Industrial Drive Ypsilanti MI 48198 (866) 226-8505/ (734) 484 3260 F: (734) 484-3728
Troy Manufacturing
TRUMPF Inc. - Laser Technology Center
TSA (Two Steps Ahead)
TSI Inc.

TT electronics-ims
Tulox Plastics Corp.
Turbofil Packaging Machines
TÜV SÜD America Inc.
TUVRheinland of North America Inc.
TyTek Industries Inc.
T.Z. Case