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Pace Packaging
PAC Foam Products

Pacific Advanced Components
Pacific BioLabs
Pacific Die Cut Industries/PDCI Medical
Pacific Metal Stampings
Pacific Plastic/Injection Molding
Pacific Plastics & Engineering
Pacific Quality Controls Inc.
Pacific Transformer
Pacific Wire Products Inc.
Preview Package Devices
Packaging Digest
Packaging World
Pack Line West

Pack Star Inc.
Packworld USA
PAC Machinery Group
PacWest Scale
Pad Print Machinery of Vermont
Pak West Packaging Systems

PallayPack Inc.
Preview Pall Life Sciences
Panasonic Electric Works Corp. of America
Pango Medical Devices
Pan Taiwan Enterprise Company Ltd.
Preview Paragon Labeling Systems
Paragon Medsystems LLC
Paramount Can Co.
Para Tech Coating Inc.
Parker Hannifin Corp.

Parker Hannifin, Filtration and Separation Division
Parker Hargraves
Parker Seal Group/Medical Systems Division
Parmatech Corp.
Particle Measuring Systems
Partner Pak Inc.
PAS (Plastic Assembly Systems)
Patlite USA Corp.

PDCI Medical
PDC International Corp.
PDQ Precision Inc.
Pearson Packaging Systems
Pegasus Clean Room Services
Pelham Plastics
Penco Precision
PennTech Machinery Corp.

Penn United Technologies Inc.
Perfecseal Inc., a Bemis Co.
PER-FIL Industries
Peridot Corp.
Peridot Precision Manufacturing
Perryman Co.
Peter Parts Electronics
Petersen Precision Engineering LLC
Peter's Technology (Suzhou) Company Ltd.
Petra Industrial Polymers
PFC Flexible Circuits

PFM Packaging Machinery Corp.
PGI Technologies
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News
Phillips Plastics Corp.
Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Engineering
Phoenix Packaging International Corp.
Piezo Technologies
PIK Power - Precision Sales
Pilot (India)
Piper Plastics Inc.
Pivot International

Pixargus Inc.
Placon Corp.
Plainville Machine Works Inc.
Plasma Etch Inc.
Plasma Ruggedized Solutions
Plasma Technology Systems LLC
Plasmatreat North America Inc.
Plastic Concept Inc.
Plastic Design Corp.
Plastic Ingenuity

Plastic & Metal Center Inc.
Plastic-Metals Technologies Inc.
Plastics Engineering & Development Inc.
Plastics International
Plastics One Inc.
PlasticWeld Systems Inc.
Plastikon Medical
Plastomer Technologies

Plex Systems Inc.
Plexus Corp.
Pliant Corp.
Point Medical Corp.
Polara Engineering Inc.
Polar Leasing Company Inc.
Poliac Research Corp.
Pollution Control Products Co.
Polyclutch Div. of A&A Mfg.
Polydec International Inc.
Polymer Corp.

Polymer Machinery Company
Polymer Plainfield Companies
Polymer Science Inc.
Polymicro Technologies, A Subsidiary of Molex Inc.
PolyOne Corp.
Polyrack North America
Polyrol Inc.
Polyzen Inc.
Porex Technologies
Potomac Photonics Inc.

Powder/Bulk Solids
Powerbox USA
Power Efficiency Corp.
Powertex Inc.
Powertip Technology Inc.
Power Transmission Specialties
Powertronix Corp.
PPS Inc.
Pramura Software Private Ltd.
Precipart Corp.

Precision Automated Laser Systems Inc.
Precision Coating Company Inc.
Precision Coil Spring Co.
Precision Concepts Costa Rica S.A.
Precision Extrusion Inc.
Precision Ferrites & Ceramics Inc.
Precision Inc.
Precision Measurement Equipment Inc.
Precision Medical Plastics Ltd.
Preview Precision Optics Corp.
Precision Tool & Die

Precision Wire Components
Preco Inc.
Preferred Tool & Die/Preferred Precision
Preform Solutions Inc.
Premold Corp.
Prent Corp.
Preproduction Plastics Inc.
Prime Axis Manufacturing LLC

Primera Technology Inc.
PRIM Technology LLC
Princeton Case West
Printex Packaging Corp.
PrintSafe Inc.
Priority Staffing
Process Sensors Corp.
Product Creation Studio
Product Development Technologies (PDT)
Production Automation Corp.
Production Basics
Progressive Components
ProLinear/PONTECH Inc.

Promarks Inc.
ProMed Molded Products Inc.
Promens North America
Pro Source Inc.
ProSys Innovative Packaging Equipment
Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing
Protocast/John List Corp.
Protogenic, A Division of Spectrum Plastics Group
Proven Process Medical Devices Inc.
Providence Enterprise
Prudential Cleanroom Services, Div. of Prudential Overall Supply
PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.

Pulse DesignTech Inc.
Pulse Systems
Pulse Technologies Inc.
Putman Media
Putnam Plastics Company LLC
PVA TePla America Inc.
PyMPSA (Plásticos y Materias Primas SA de CV)