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IAI America Inc.
IBAG North America
IBA Industrial
IBC (International Bar Coding Systems & Consulting Inc.)
IBC North America
IBS America Inc.
ICM Methanator Services–Waste & Water Treatment for Energy Recovery
ICM Packaging
ICM-Rotary Conditioners/Dryers
IDEX Health & Science
ID Technology Corp.

I&J Fisnar Inc.
iKey Industrial Peripherals
IKO International
Ilsemann Corp.
Image Fillers Inc.
IMA Nova
Imanpack Packaging Solutions
Imex Packaging
Impak Corp.
Imperial Printing & Paper Box Mfg. Co.
IMTEC, a 3M Co.

IMT Masken und Teilungen AG
INCOE® Corp.
Independent Can Co./Western Specialty Container Division
Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt. Ltd.
Inductive Automation
InduKey® North America
Industrial Electric Wire & Cable
Industrial Forming
Industrial Information Resources
Industrial Maintenance & Plant Operations; Product Design & Development

Industrial Market Place
Industrial Molded Rubber Products
Infinity CleanRoom Solutions
Infinity Compounding Corp.
InHand Electronics Inc.
Injectech LLC
Injection Molding Magazine
InkJet Inc.
Ink Jet Solutions
Inland Metal Industries

Inline Filling Systems Inc.
Innova Design Inc.
Innovative Custom Software
Innovative Design Products
Innovative Medical Manufacturing Co.
Innovative Surgical Products
Innov-X Systems Inc.
Inoac USA Inc.
INOV Optical Development
Inpro/Seal Co.
Insight Analytical Labs Inc.
Inspired Energy Inc.

Institute of Packaging Professionals
Instrument Laboratory
Instrument Technology Inc.
Insul-Fab, Div. of Concote Corp.
Integra Technologies LLC
Integrated Lab Services (ILS)
Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.
IntelliPack® Inc.
Interconnect Devices Inc. (IDI)
Interconnect Systems Inc.

Interface Catheter Solutions
Interlink Products
Intermed OEM
International Management Systems Marketing
International Polymer Engineering Inc.
International Rubber Products
International Titanium Association
Interplex Etch Logic
Interplex Medical LLC
Interplex Precision Machining, LLC 232/234 Pegasus Ave., Northvale, NJ 07647 (201) 768 7222 F: (201) 768 7224 - Corp - Map

Interpower Corp.

InterSense Inc.
Interstate Plastics
Intertape Polymer Group
Intertrade Industries
Intrex Global Sourcing
IntriCon/RTI/Resistance Technology Inc.
Invest in Bogota
Investment and Trade Development Hungary
Investment Casting Institute

InveTrak Inc.
Inzign Pte Ltd.
ION Quality Systems
ioos systems LLC
IPG Photonics
IPR Automation
Irvine Pharmaceutical Services

iSi Components
ISIS Services LLC
Isoprint Inc.
ITT Acoustic Sensors
ITT Interconnect Solutions
ITW Chemtronics®
ITW Richmond Technology
ITW Trans Tech
IU Kelley School of Business

IVD Technology
IVEK Corp.
t IW MinVasive Components
ixmation COX systems