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M3 Design Inc.
Machine Control Specialists Inc.
Machine Design/Motion System Design/Medical Design
Machine Solutions Inc.
Preview Machine Tool Bearings & Accessories
MAC Inc.
Mack Molding Co.
Macrotron Systems Inc.
MACtac® Medical Products
MagneMotion Inc.
Magnetic Sensor Systems (MSS)
Magnus Caster-Pro/Jilson
Mahr Federal Inc.
Preview Maillefer Instruments
Makuta Technics Inc.
Mangar Industries Inc.
Man & Machine
Manufacturers' Agents National Association
Mar-Co Equipment Co.
Mark-10 Corp.
Marman Industries Inc.
Martech Medical Products
Martel Instruments Ltd.
MASS Group Inc.
Mass Precision Inc.
MasterControl Inc.
Mastercraft Companies
Mastermolding Inc.
Matrix Orbital
Matrix Tooling Inc./Matrix Plastic Products
Preview Matthews Marking Products
precision motors inc.
MayTec Inc.
MBK Enterprises
McFarlane Medical
MCI Transformer Corp. West
McLean Medical & Scientific Inc.
McNeal Enterprises Inc.
McNichols Co.
M&C Specialties Co.
M&C Specialties Co., An Illinois Tool Works Co.
mdi Consultants Inc.
MDS Nordion
Measurement Specialties Inc.
MedCaster Inc.
Medegen Inc.
Medelec Minimeca SA
Medical Creations Fukushima Japan
Medical Design Excellence Awards
Medical Extrusion Technologies Inc.
Medical Metalle
Medical Precision Windings, a Div. of Classic Coil Co.
Medicoil, a Division of R & L Spring Co.
MediConcepts Ltd.
MED-Inc. Medical Silicone
Medivative Technologies
MedPlast Inc.
Med-Tech Precision
Megatone Electronics Corp.
Meier Tool & Engineering Inc.
Memory-Metalle GmbH
Mepco Label Systems
Meridian Manufacturing Group
Merit Cables Inc.
Merit Medical Systems Inc. - OEM Division
Merrill's Packaging Inc.
Merryweather Foam Inc.
Mesa Laboratories Inc.
Metal Craft and Riverside Machine & Engineering
Metal Cutting Corp.
Metallix Refining Inc.
Methods Machine Tools Inc.
Metris USA/X-Tek
Metro Denver Economic Development Corp.
Metro Mold & Design Inc.
Preview Mettler Toledo Hi-Speed
Mettler-Toledo Inc.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline
MFC Sealing Technologies/Zerelli Technologies
Mico Printing & Packaging
Micro Automated Systems Group
MicroCare Corp.
Microcast Pte Ltd.
Microcision LLC
Microfabrica Inc.
MicroGroup Inc.
Microlap Technologies Inc.
MicroLumen Inc.
Microlution Inc.
Micro Matrix Systems
Micro Medical Technologies
MicroMetal GmbH
MicroMo Electronics Inc.
Micromold Inc.
Micron Laser Technology
MicroPen® Technologies Corp.
Micro Power Electronics Inc.
Microspec Corp.
MicroSun Technologies
Microtek Laboratories
Microtek Medical Inc./Plasco
Microtest Laboratories Inc.
Micro Tube Fabricators
Micro-Vu Corp.
Mid Texas Economic Development Corp.
Mifa Aluminum
Mikron Assembly Technology
Milex Corp.
Miller Dial LLC
Miller Machine Inc.
Miller-Stephenson Chemical Company Inc.
Millipore Corp.
Minarik Southwest
Mindrum Precision Inc.
Minitab Inc.
Minivalve International B.V.
Minnesota Rubber and Plastics
Minnesota Wire
Minntech TTG
Mission Plastics Inc.
Misumi USA Inc.
Mitsubishi EDM/Laser (MC Machinery Systems)
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America
Mitsui Plastics Inc.
Mitutoyo America Corp.
Miyachi Unitek Corp.
M&J Plastics
M&K Die Casting Manufacturing Inc.
M&M Industries Inc.
MNC Stribbons Inc.
MOCON Medical Packaging
Modern Plastics Worldwide
Modified Plastics Inc.
Modified Polymer Components Inc.
Modular Cleanrooms
Modular Packaging Technologies LLC
Moffatt Products
Moisture Register Products
Mold Craft Inc.
Moldex3D/SimpaTec GmbH
Moldflow, an Autodesk Group Company
Molding Corp. of America
Mold-Tech Inc.
Moldworx LLC
Momentive Performance Materials
Monolithic Industries
Moog Components Group
Moog Medical Device Group
Mooney Industrials
M&O Perry Industries Inc.
Morgan Technical Ceramics Inc.
Morpheus Prototypes
Morrison Enterprises Corp.
Morris Technologies
Motion Dynamics Corp.
Motoman Inc.
Mott Corp.
Mountain Molding
Mountz Inc.
MPC Plating Inc.
M.R. Mold & Engineering
MSA Systems Inc.
M&S Centerless Grinding
MSS Commercial Crating
MTS Systems Corp.
Multek Flexible Circuits Inc.
Multi Metrics Inc.
MultiSource Manufacturing LLC
Multivac Inc.
Murrplastik Systems Inc.
MW Industries Inc.