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K-1 Packaging Group
KabelSchlepp America
Kadan Consultants Inc.
Kaeser Compressors Inc.
Kahle Automation
Kahle Automation S.r.l.
Kaiming Packaging Machinery Company Ltd.
Kamek Precision Tools Inc.
Kangaroo Products Inc.
KARA & Associates Inc.
a Kason Corp.
Kato Spring of California Inc.
Kavlico Corp.
KDL Precision Molding Corp.
Keats Manufacturing
KEE Interface Technology Inc.
Kelcourt Plastics
KEMAC Technology Inc.
Kenmode Tool & Engineering Inc.
Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc.
Kent H. Landsberg Co.
Kern Economic Development Corp.
Ketan Automated Equipment Inc.
KETIV Technologies
Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG
Kevron Inc.
Keyence Corp. of America
Key International Inc.
Key Joy West Inc.
Keystone Electronics
KHL Engineered Packaging Solutions
KICE Industries Inc.
Kiefel Technologies Inc.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
Kinematic Automation Inc.
Kinetic Instruments Inc.
Kinetics Climax Inc.
Kingstec Technologies Inc.
King Wire Partitions Inc.
Kipp Inc.
KISCO Conformal Coating LLC
Kistler Instrument Corp.
K & L Anodizing
KNF Neuberger Inc.
KOCH Packaging Systems LP
Komax Systems
Komyo America Company Inc.
Kongskilde Industries Inc.
Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Inc.
Kovatch Castings Inc.
Kramski MD
K-Tube Corp.
Kubotek USA
Kukla Waagenfabrik
Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp.