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A-1 Laser International
AAC/Advanced Antivibration Components
ABA Packaging Corp.
ABB Inc.
A B B Labels
A&B Die Casting Co.
Able Electropolishing
A.B. Machinery
ABOX Automation Corp.
A.B. Sealer Inc.
Absolute Haitian
Abstract Electronics Inc.
ABX Engineering Inc.
Accelerated Technologies Inc. (ATI)
Access Point Technologies/APT Medical
ACCUFAST Package Printing Systems
Accumold  - Shows
Accurate Electronics
Accurate Forming
Accurate Instrument Repair Inc.
Accurate Screw Machine, Division of MW Industries
Accu-Seal Corp. -
Accutek Packaging Equipment Co.
Ace Wire Spring & Form Company Inc.
Achilles USA Inc.
AC International Corp.
Acme Electric
Acme Monaco
ACME PCB Assembly
Acme Wire Products Company Inc.
Acorn-Gencon Plastics LLC
Acro Associates Inc.
Acropolis Electronics Pte Ltd.
ACS Valves
ACTech North America
Acteron Medical Technologies
Action Bag Manufacturing
Action Fabricators Inc.
Adcraft Products
ADC Technologies Inc.
Addiflex Degradable Plastic Additives
Adhesives Research Inc.
Adhesive Technologies Inc.
Admedes Schuessler GmbH
Adroit USA Inc.
Adron EDM Specialists
Adsens Technology Inc.
Advanced Chemical Etching Ltd.
Advanced Detection Systems
Advanced Engineering Solutions
Advanced Forming Technology
Advanced Industrial Coatings Inc.
Advanced Materials Technologies Pte Ltd.
Advanced Molding Technologies
Advanced Paper Forming
Advanced Polymers Inc.
Advanced Scientifics
Advanced Sterilization Products, a Div. of Johnson & Johnson
Advanced Technology
Advance Tool Inc.
AdvanSource Biomaterials
Advantage Engineering Inc.
Advanrage Manufacturing Technologies
Advent Label Applicator Company LLC
Advent Packaging Inc.
Aegis Technology Inc.
Aerodev Electromagnetic Technology Company Ltd. (N. American Co.)
Aerotech Inc.
Aesus Packaging Systems Inc.
Affinity Medical Technologies LLC
AFM Engineering Inc.
AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.
AGE Nameplate
Agie Charmilles Shows
Agilent Technologies
AG Industries
AIM Plastics/Accurate Injection Molds
Airtex Solutions
Air-Tite Products
Air-Vac Engineering
Ajax Custom Manufacturing
Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Inc. (ARDL)
A+ Label
A-Laser Inc.
ALBA Enterprises Inc.
Albert International Inc.
Alcan Packaging Medical Flexibles
Alcatel Vacuum Products Inc.
A&L Catheter Technologies
Alibre Inc.
Alinabal Inc.
Aline Heat Seal Corp.
A.L. Johnson Co.
All American Manufacturing and Supply Co.
Allegheny Technologies Inc. (ATI) Wah Chang
Allen Field Company Inc.
All-Fill Inc.
All Flex - Flexible Circuits
Alliance Flex Tech
Alliance Packaging Company Ltd.
Allied Tool & Die Inc.
All Metric Small Parts (aMsp)
AllMotion Inc.
All Packaging Machinery Corp.
All-Pack Co.
Allstate Can/Allcan West
All-State Plastics
Alpha Checkweighers
Alpha Omega Swiss Inc.
Alpha Technics
Altair Engineering Inc.
Altron Inc.
Amagic Holographics Inc.
Amcor Flexibles
American Aluminum Co.
American CleanStat
American Kuhne
American Mold Builders Association
American Paper & Plastics Inc.
American Polyfilm Inc.
American Swiss Products Company Inc.
American Ultraviolet Co./Lesco UV Division
Ameritron Inc.
AmeriVap Systems
AMETEK Chatillon
AMETEK Technical & Industrial Products
Amparo Medical Technologies
Amphenol Alden Products Co.
Amphenol InterCon Systems
Amphenol Medical Solutions
AMS Filling Systems Inc.
Amsino Medical Group
Amsler Equipment Inc.
Anaheim Automation Inc.
Anatech USA
AnC Precision Machining Inc.
Andersen Products Inc.
Anderson Machining Service Inc.
Andrew M. Martin Company Inc.
Angiotech/Specialty OEM
Anomet Products
Anthro Corp.
AOK Tooling Ltd.
AorTech Biomaterials
Apex Mills
Apple Rubber Products
Applied Silicone Corp.
APR Packaging Inc.
APS America
APSessco Medical
Aqua Klean Systems
ARAMARK Cleanroom Services
Aranow Stick Packaging Machinery
A.R. Arena Products
Arc-Tronics Inc.
Arcus Technology
Area 51- ESG
Argon Medical Devices Inc.
Argowave LLC 5
Arizona Instrument LLC
Arizona Public Service Co.
Arizona Wire & Tool (WEDM Services)
Arkema Inc.
Armstrong Mold Corp.
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Arthur G. Russell Company Inc.
Artison Corp.
Asaclean - Sun Plastech Inc.
Asahi Intecc USA Inc.
Asahi Kasei Plastics North America Inc.
ASCO Numatics
ASG, Div. of Jergens Inc.
ASG Medical Systems
ASH Industries
ASM International
A&S Mold and Die Corp.
Aspect Automation
ASQ (American Society for Quality)
Assembly Fasteners Inc.
Associated Packaging Inc.
Associated Spring
AssurX Inc.
AST Bearings LLC
AST Products Inc.
Astro Manufacturing & Design
Astro Medical Devices
Astron Electronics Inc.
Astro Pak Corp.
Asymtek, a Nordson Co.
ATC/Automation Tool Co.
ATC Inc. - Advanced Test Concepts Inc.
ATEK Medical
ATEQ Corp.
ATEX Technologies Inc.
Athena Controls Inc.
ATI Industrial Automation
Atlas Vac Machine
Atometric Inc.
ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.
ATW Assembly & Test Worldwide
Aubrey Group Inc.
Auer Precision Company Inc.
Aurora Technologies Inc.
Autodesk Inc.
Automated Assembly Corp.
Automated Packaging Systems Inc.
Automatic Manufacturing Ltd.
Automation GT
Automation World
Avail Medical Products - (A Flextronics Company)
AVC Corp.
Aven Inc.
Avery Weigh-Tronix
Avicenna™ Technology Inc.
Avnet Electronics Marketing
Axtel Inc.
Azbil (Yamatake Sensing Control Ltd.)
AZCO Corp. 5298 Aztech Converting Systems